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What is checked in our SEO audits?


  • Section 508 (15 guidelines covered by 34 checkpoints)
  • WCAG 1.0 Priority A (17 guidelines covered by 31 checkpoints)
  • WCAG 1.0 Priority AA (23 guidelines covered by 32 checkpoints)
  • WCAG 1.0 Priority AAA (10 guidelines covered by 11 checkpoints)
  • WCAG 2.0 (106 checkpoints covering A, AA and AAA guidelines)
  • Accessibility

Browser Compatibility

  • META Content-Type charset doesn't match the charset actually used
  • Certain PNG and GIF images that don't display correctly in Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Non-standard image formats which only work in Internet Explorer
  • Standard HTML 4 tags not implemented in some browsers
  • Standard HTML 4 tags implemented incorrectly in some browsers
  • Flash based interactivity/navigation requiring extra clicks in IE
  • Pages that trigger quirks mode
  • Netscape specific JavaScript and HTML (document.layers, document.ids, etc )
  • Microsoft specific JavaScript and HTML (document.all, etc )
  • Attempts to modify XHTML pages via document.write and innerHTML
  • Browser Compatibility

Legal Compliance

  • Missing copyright statement
  • Missing privacy statement
  • Setting cookies with no privacy statement (violates EU regulations - maximum fine 10,000 euros)
  • Using tracking images with no privacy statement (violates EU regulations - maximum fine 10,000 euros)
  • Flags pages collecting e-mail addresses (needs to comply with US Can-Spam act and EU regulations)
  • Legal Compliance

Broken Links and Errors

  • Broken links
  • Missing anchors
  • Unexpected HTTP error codes
  • Script errors
  • Pages with large ASP.NET viewstate
  • Invalid SSL certificates
  • Missing DNS entries
  • Malformed URLs
  • Badly configured RSS feeds
  • Placeholder text such as "Lorem Ipsum" and "TODO"
  • Domains close to expiring
  • Badly configured 404 handlers
  • Errors

Spell Checking

  • Check English Spelling (US, UK and international spelling variants)
  • Check French Spelling
  • Custom dictionary for unusual words like product names
  • Uses page LANG attributes to choose spelling dictionary
  • Choice of default spelling language for pages without LANG attributes
  • Spell Checking

Search Optimization

  • Google search guidelines
  • Bing search guidelines
  • Yahoo search guidelines
  • SEO best practice guidelines
  • Check for your keywords in titles, headings and highlighted text
  • Search Issues

Web Standards

  • Validate HTML and XHTML
  • Validate CSS
  • Web Standards

User Experience

  • Usability.gov guidelines
  • W3C usability guidelines
  • Hard to read pages (Flesch Reading Ease Score)
  • Usability


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